Put a lid on malaria

Did you know that every 2 minutes, a child dies from malaria?   

Some of you guys may be aware that I have recently become an ambassador for, ¨Nothing But Nets¨, the largest global grassroots campaign to raise awareness and funds to fight malaria. Nothing But Nets has raised $60 million since 2006. Our partners, which include UNICEF and the UN Refugee Agency, have delivered almost 10 million anti-malaria bed nets to 30 countries!  

As a soccer player, I love the teamwork involved in getting the ball in the net. And now as an ambassador for Nothing But Nets, I am thrilled to help raise money for nets that serve a grander purpose: saving lives. Since 2000, malaria deaths among children in Africa have been reduced by more than 70% and anti-malaria nets is one of the easiest and most cost-effective solutions to combat this disease. 


So, I am pledging for every goal I am credited - for the rest of my professional soccer career - I will donate $300 to Nothing But Nets. That’s on the pitch. 


Off the pitch, I would like to contribute, too. I have always had amazing supporters and many of you have showed interest in and made a purchase from MixLids.com. I am thrilled that you love the collection as much as I have enjoyed making it happen. 


So now let’s together give a bit of happiness forward, to those for whom an anti-malaria bed net means more than a soccer net. For every MixLid you purchase, I will donate $5 to Nothing But Nets. Of course, this will be retroactive, but if you already bought a cap maybe your wardrobe has space for one more color?


NothingButNets.net Check out to learn more about fighting malaria and the athletes that are ambassadors for the cause!